Slow sites frustrate visitors. Page speed is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Imagine you’re waiting to cross the street. You hit the pedestrian button and take out your phone. You want to do one thing; perhaps send an email or look at an Instagram story. You have a limited amount of time to accomplish that one thing.

That’s how long users have on your site. And it matters.

People expect pages to load in two seconds. After three seconds, up to 40% will simply leave. Amazon found this to be true, reporting a 1% decrease in revenue for every additional 100 milliseconds of load time.

Thanks to WPZap, your customers will be happier and able to accomplish things on your site. Even while they’re waiting to cross the road.


Includes GST


Fast delivery of your media library thanks to Amazon S3.


Delete any redundant plugins slowing your site down.


Merge assets to limit the total number of HTTP requests.


Resize and compress your site’s images to reduce file size.


Serve up static HTML5 pages, essential for improving SEO.


Improve performance further by shrinking your CSS & JS.

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